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Belle Époque & MUSA Tour



Belle Epoque  and Musa  - Amazonian Museum – on this tour, the traveler has the opportunity to experience the cultural and scientific sides of the city, by combining two itineraries that configure a small journey through the memories of Manaus and the main historical heritage that marked the time, and the connection with the Amazonian nature and its biodiversity through experiences lived in a forest surrounded by an urban area. This itinerary includes a stop for lunch in a regional restaurant or barbecue place (churrascaria). Lunch is not included.

Description of the tour

We start the tour by the historic center of Manaus which brings together different architectural styles from the “Belle Époque”, back when rubber extraction made Manaus become known as the Paris of the Tropics, an invitation to unravel the monuments from the capital of Amazonas which made such nickname true.

Located by the margins of Negro River, Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market is one of the most important sources of commerce in the city. It is found a great variety of products very typical to this region, such as freshwater fishes, fruits, vegetables, spices, and local handicrafts. An explosion of scents and flavors is very characteristic of the Amazon.

Paço da Liberdade, also known as Paço Municipal, is one of the oldest places in Manaus. The building, which used to harbor for decades the City Hall, combines architectural beauty with the city’s origins. Visiting it is to know the modern arts and, at the same time, experience a rare moment of observation of the local archeological remains, you will find exposition rooms, from the City Museum of Manaus, which portray the day-by-day life, identity, and culture from past generations, through long and short-term exhibitions, using interactive content to tell the city’s history through texts, sounds, and images of educational, playful and dynamic manner. A true invitation for visitors to have a sensory tour.

Rio Negro Palace, originally known as Scholtz Mansion, is a beautiful construction which used to belong to one of the richest rubber barons of Manaus, the German Waldemar Scholtz. In 1917, the mansion was bought by the state government, and it became known as Rio Negro Palace. Since then, it was used as home to the many governments of the State, and in an indoor tour, it is also possible to be in awe of the beauty of the furniture preserved in different styles such as Manueline, Portuguese, English and Empire, as well as beautiful pieces in Asian style and Art Nouveau.

The historic-cultural itinerary has a special visit reserved for the majestic Amazonas Opera House, with its Renaissance style, opened on December 31st, 1896, and is the greatest cultural symbol of Manaus. Its dome, made up of 36,000 tiles painted with the colors of Brazil, is impressive to anyone who sees it and remains to this day as home to great shows, erudite and popular ones alike. 

In addition, in its concert hall, with capacity for 701 people, the Amazonas Opera, Jazz, Dance, and Theater festival takes place. A short walk on the cobblestone streets is an invitation to watch the 1900 dated houses and the São Sebastião Church, located on Largo de São Sebastião, neighboring the Opera House, began its services in 1888, belonging to the catholic order of Capuchin priests. After time traveling across Manaus history – Pause for Lunch – and a brief rest.

As the journey continues, we close our history books to immerse ourselves in a living museum – MUSA – Museum of the Amazon, located in Adolpho Ducke reserve, belonging to the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (National Institute for Amazonia Research) – INPA – in Manaus. A native dry land forest area. 

A visitation there allows for a timid intimacy with the forest, which can be seen by following the almost 3 km of hiking trails. The contrast of short and tall trees, the sun rays cutting through the greenery, vines, bindweed, tree trunks – young and old – mushrooms, fungi and flowers, the singing of dozens of birds, the characteristic sounds from the animals living there, all of it available to the visitors’ senses and nature lovers. After a trip connecting with nature, it is time to go back to the city hustle – return – transfer back to the hotel.

The experience


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