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Customized experiences

Build your own personalized, custom travel experience to Amazônia

customized and meaningful Amazon Experiences

Nature tourism, or ecotourism, is the main attraction in the itineraries offered in the state of Amazonas.

You, as a traveler, have the opportunity to get to know, learn, and appreciate the importance of the Amazon rainforest and those who live in it.

The options of experiences along the Amazon rivers are many. We organize travel programs in boat hotels, overnight stays in jungle hotels and exclusive expeditions in primary forest regions.

Ecotourism can be practiced in Amazonas throughout the year, as the seasonality that occurs in the floodplain forest, where the communities live, offers two beautiful landscaping, allowing visitors to experience the forest in times of drought and flood (flooded forests). Aside from jungle hikes, canoe excursions on water trails, observing nature beauties and those who live in it are also an option.

immersive journey through river and land paths

We are appreciators and lovers of all this mystery that surrounds the Amazon rainforest – since 1965, we organize boat tours along the Negro and Solimões rivers, and throughout all these years, we have witnessed the development of some communities focused on the cultural and nature tourism.  We saw the arrival of small groups of indigenous families, from upper Negro river, plant their flags and roots on the land of the side of the river. And, today, we witness the mix of cabocla and indigenous culture, sharing all of its cultural wealth with the amazon tourism. Living the Amazon life every day, makes us the appreciators and lovers of the all of the mysteries surrounding the Amazon rainforest, afterall, knowing the Amazon is to love it. 

experience the Amazon in many ways

We invite you to experience the Amazon in a private experience, and enjoy the coexistence with the man of the forest knowing their culture, experiences and interacting in their day-to-day life. 

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