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About Us

Our history

Amazon Explorers Tour Operator

As it happens in every beginning, joining the tourism market and start a business in Amazonas, was a challenge, especially back then when tourism was seen as fishing trips and short boat tours for Panair do Brasil directors and, for those few foreigners who dared to venture into the famous, as Manaus was known then, Green Hell, the most populous city of Amazonas state, of the whole North region of Brazil and of all the Brazilian Amazon.

It was Richard Brill, an american citizen who fell in love with this region, who suggested the name, Amazon Explorers as the company name, a faithful translation of the ideals brought on by him and lived by us, we are explorers of the Amazonas, and it is with that necessary essence the beauties of Amazonas are discovered, and with the idea of a relationship between mankind and nature in balance, with no loss, Amazon Explorers ventures into the future of what is expected of tourism in the Amazon.

In the beginning

Seu Bebé
Photo: Seu Bebé - Personal Archive

Our founder

Manuel Alcy Goes Barros, better known as “Seu Bebé”, started like this, in the bow of the canoe, rain or shine, the engine noise insisted on resounding up or down the river, and so he continued his journey, with his hat with large brims, sunglasses and colored umbrellas to protect its explorers from the strong Amazonian heat, and so the canoe glided along, contemplating the beautiful landscapes of the Negro River and the richness of the Solimões River. Venturing the jungle paths. Connecting with the people's culture. Discovering the flavors of the Amazon, and sharing knowledge with the travelers.

And in 1965, Manuel Alcy Goes Barros gave his first steps in the world of tourism. He had the support of traditional local families like the Tadros and the Bulbols, who had, even back then, a visionary understanding of the touristic future of the region and offered everything needed to make sure the company thrived.

Our tourism journey

Eury Barros, and his brothers, Iralcy Barros and Euricy Barros, took over the company with the responsibility to expand and offer clientes and travelers, the largest and best offer of services: issuing airline tickets, issuing airline tickets, providing corporate tourism services to companies in the industrial complex, national and international excursions, receptive to large foreign cruise ships and courses abroad, these are some of the new services offered by Amazon Explorers.

And, after all this time, we are proud to be still offering the same tours since we first started, however, with an eye on the demands of the market, and in that perspective, always seeking improvements in every way, be it in the aspects of tourism, be it in the service provided to our clientes, with the same essence that focused on social and environmental responsibility, with perseverance and the courage this moment demands.

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