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Mini Safari Tour

A mini safari through the Amazonian beauties

a mini safari & nighttime wildlife spotting

A mini safari through the Amazonian beauties, with a visit to the meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers, contemplation of the water lilies, a visit to an indigenous community, an indigenous ritual presentation, lunch in a floating restaurant on Janauari Lake – a visit to the dolphin watching project on the banks of Negro river – a visit to the floating houses community - contemplation of the sunset, canoe trip through the flooded forest, piranha fishing and a night canoe ride to contemplate nocturnal animals.

The tour takes us to a suspended hiking trail across the forest to visit the lake of Water Lilies and to look on the flooded forest. And, to complete the mini safari, a river tour in a motorized canoe for recreational piranha fishing, sunset watching and a look on the birds flight as they fly back home by the end of the afternoon, a nature spectacle. The itinerary continues past dusk, navigating nearby the lake for a nocturnal wildlife spotting.

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