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Amazon Camp Lodge

An immersive journey through river and land paths in the Amazon


Experience Amazon Camp Lodge  - we invite travelers, nature lovers, adventurers, and pathfinders to experience the Amazon in many ways for an immersive journey through river and land paths in the Amazon Rainforest.

Our Amazon Experiential forest Hub offers travelers an opportunity to embrace the Amazon's natural essence while enjoying the comforts of an exclusive retreat. The Amazon Camp Lodge - Rio Negro - is located on the shores of Lake Acajatuba, nestled in the Amazon rainforest and surrounded by a region of flooded forest and terra firme, which allows travelers and adventurers to have real contact with different biomes and the rich biodiversity of the Rio Negro.  It's a place of exclusivity and tranquility, often reserved for those seeking a more personalized and secluded getaway.  Situated amidst the lush wilderness, our forest hub is accessible only by small boat, ensuring an authentic journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider Amazon Camp Lodge, for your clients' next adventure: 


The building follows the standards of local dwellings, a large stilt house with a design that allows natural light and ventilation, making the place pleasant at all times of the day. The camp accommodates up to 20 people. Accommodations in hammocks with mosquito nets. Each guest receives a kit that includes a hammock, mosquito net, bath towel and blanket. The bathrooms have been carefully designed to promote visual interaction while respecting the privacy and safety of our guests, with the forest as the front panel. At the other end, we have a balcony with tables and chairs that connect to a small bar and the kitchen area, equipped with a barbecue and a dining hall. 

An Authentic forest hub of Experiences:

Amazon Camp Lodge is an Amazon Experiential Forest Hub of immersive Amazonia experiences, nestled deep within the heart of the rainforest. The forest hub offers a private and intimate environment where travelers can enjoy their surroundings and experiences without the presence of large crowds or outside distractions.

an Amazon Experiential Forest Hub

The lodge's strategic design is a testimony to its creators' vision. Bathrooms and toilets boast grand windows, offering awe-inspiring views and moments of seclusion. The outdoor sinks allow you to connect directly with the vibrant flora as you carry out daily rituals.

AMAZON BY CANOE : 3 days / 2 nights

Our journey into the Amazon rainforest by canoe promises an immersive and authentic experience like no other. This eco-conscious adventure allows us to connect deeply with nature, guided by the wisdom of local communities. By supporting sustainable tourism, we contribute to the preservation of the Amazon for generations to come.

Pack your sense of adventure and an open heart, and let's set sail into the enchanting world of the Amazon. Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and forever touched by the magic of this remarkable rainforest. Let's embark on this incredible journey together - you can read about Amazon by Canoe here.

1º Dia - Manaus - Encontro das águas - Lago do Janauari - Acajatuba - Bioma Amazônico - Matas de Igapó e Terras baixas

Saída de Manaus numa embarcação exclusiva da Amazon Explorers, com destino ao Encontro das Águas, um fenômeno que encanta a todos nossos visitantes, onde as águas escuras do Rio Negro correm paralelas às águas barrentas do Rio Solimões por 6 km sem se misturarem. Após passagem pelo famoso encontro dos rios, o passeio fluvial segue com destino ao Lago do Janauari.

2º Dia - Lago Acajatuba - Comunidade Ribeirinha Acajatuba - Lago Ariaú

Bioma Amazônico: Terra Firme e Matas de Igapó

O amanhecer na selva é uma experiência incrível, pode-se ouvir a floresta acordando nas primeiras horas da manhã com sons que promovem uma verdadeira sinfonia da natureza. Lentamente a voz da floresta toma grandes proporções e se mistura aos sons de sapos, macacos, aves, grilos, e o chacoalhar das folhas das grandes árvores. É hora de levantar, e curtir um típico café da manhã amazônico, uma mesa simples banhada de cores e sabores que brotam da terra, promovem uma verdadeira experiência gastronômica. Logo após o café da manhã, saída para caminhada na selva e reconhecimento da fauna e flora amazônica.

3º DIA - canoagem - rio ariaú despedida da floresta 

A dica para uma experiência incrível é acordar bem cedo para observar o raiar do dia (5h30) e contemplar o despertar da floresta, a revoada matinal dos pássaros, e os primeiros raios de sol que iluminam a floresta para o início de mais uma aventura na Amazônia por trilhas e caminhos fluviais. O café da manhã será servido logo após o retorno do amanhecer.

Oportunidade para realizar algumas atividades contemplativas na floresta ao redor do acampamento. Após o almoço, retorno a Manaus com traslado para seu hotel.


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Our tour is centered around a unique and immersive experience - canoeing through the Amazon, just like the locals. For them, the canoe is more than a means of transportation; it's an integral part of their lives. Witness how they use canoes for fishing, going to school, and witnessing the beauty of nature around them. It's in the canoe that they witness the sunrise, observe dolphins playfully jumping, and spot birds welcoming the new day.


You will have the opportunity to experience the flavors of the Amazon, as the dishes that grace the table have been thoughtfully crafted to enhance your sensory journey. Featuring fruits from the forest and fresh fish sourced from the local community, each bite promises a unique and authentic experience. Our hosts are residents of Lake Acajatuba and hold a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the flavors and wisdom that emanate from the forest.


During our journey, we'll have the incredible opportunity to meet local communities that believe in the power of sustainable tourism to protect the Amazonia. Embrace their warm hospitality as they share their culture, traditions, and knowledge of the rainforest. Our tour includes a chance to walk alongside an indigenous community leader, guided by one of their own, revealing the hidden magic of the forest.


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