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Amazon by Canoe

an immersive journey through river and land paths in the Amazon


Overnight Jungle Stay: an experience at Amazon Explorers Camp

Surrounded by the waters of Negro and Amazonas rivers, our main everyday activities are lived through waterways and the rivers are an essential part of the day-by-day happenings of those who live in this area of Brazil. The canoes are one of the oldest means of waterways transport, used for locomotion on rivers and lakes. 

Originally made of wood, they are moved by oars in the hands of canoeists. Inspired by these exciting cultural experiences, Manuel Barros “Bebé” started life in tourism and, in 1965, founded Amazon Explorers in the bow of the canoe, be it rain or shine, and so he continued his journey, with his wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and colored umbrellas, to protect his visitors from the intense heat of the Amazon, contemplating the beautiful landscapes of the Negro River and the richness of the Solimões river. 

Amazon by canoe brings back this amazonian tradition to make it eternal in a rich experience of contrasts, going by igapó woods, low lands, dry land and flooded forests, on board of an exclusive Amazon Explorers vessel. Along with all that, a cultural immersion by meeting the Riverside communities, indigenous communities and the true protagonists of our region.


Be connected to the simplicity and richness of Negro River.


Amazon Biome – Flooded forests and dry lands.

09:00 Hrs – Manaus departure in an exclusive Amazon Explorers boat, with the Meeting of the Waters as destination, a natural phenomenon that amazes every and each one of our visitors, where the dark Waters of Negro River run side by side with the muddy Waters of Solimões River for 6 km never mixing. After passing by the famous meeting of the rivers, our river tour goes on to Janauari Lake. A chance to get to know the different amazon biomes – flooded forests – which are low grounded and frequently flooded, and because of that form a vegetation made of bushes, vines, and musk, a few examples of the plants found in the area. It is also in the flooded forests that water lilies can be appreciated, one of the Amazon symbols, after walking through a pleasant suspended wooden trail.

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Amazon Biome: Dry land and flooded forest.

As we hear the forest waking up in the early hours, we realize the spectacle found in the dawn of the day in the jungle. Unique sounds form the nature symphony. Slowly, the voice of the forest reaches its full potential and become a joined mixture of sounds: frogs, monkeys, birds, crickets, and the shaking of the great trees big leaves become our soundtrack. It is time to get up and enjoy a typical amazon breakfast, a simply set table adorned with colors and flavors brought from the land, promoting a true gastronomic experience. Right after breakfast, jungle hike and appreciation of the amazon fauna and flora.

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Amazon Biome: Dry land

The expert tip for today is an early rise to watch the Sunrise at 5:30 and experience the start of the day of the forest, the morning flight of birds, and the first rays of sunlight the forest to start one more adventure in the Amazon by hiking trails and river ways. Breakfast will be served at camp –


the experience


The vessel

Amazon Explorers exclusive vessel – brand-new equipment ready to be used in river journeys in Negro river with safety and agility. – comfortable seats, great side Windows and air conditioning.


The itinerary

An immersive journey through the waterways and landpaths in the Amazon with the opportunity to live once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The ideal way for adventurers and nature lovers who seek true experiences of connection with the forest in one single trip in the Amazon.

Amazon Experiences like in the photo where a woman with a indigenous tatuyo child in the amazonia

Responsible Tourism

Be connected to the simplicity and richness of Negro River. We believe responsible trips should benefit everyone involved; the travelers, the local staff, hosting communities and the natural environment where it occurs.


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Regular departure


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