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Have you ever pictured a town in the middle of the jungle? So very close to a river?

Well, this town exists and its name is MANAUS: the capital city of the state of Amazonas in Brazil. A city surrounded by water, its main river is the gigantic Negro River that flows into Solimões River forming then Amazonas River.

Manaus is a destination to be visited with free time so one can have a better understanding of the city and its surroundings, being able to feel a little of the natural atmosphere and be, in fact, by the forest, sharing a stay between the big city and the jungle, in one trip, includes from cultural and historic sights to interesting culinary experiences.

From Manaus, it is possible to go up and down the rivers, admire the green tones of the forest, feel the unique scents of the tropical fruits and get to know the wonders of this ecological paradise where, since 1965, Amazon Explorers has its base and history with the amazonian tourism.

Day Tours

Selecionamos os melhores passeios para você, viajante, que está em busca de excursões de curta duração e que te conectarão com as belezas amazônicas. São passeios que promovem o contato com a riqueza cultural da cidade de Manaus, dos povos da floresta, a biodiversidade e os sabores da culinária regional.


An immersive journey through the waterways and landpaths in the Amazon with the opportunity to live once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The ideal way for adventurers and nature lovers who seek true experiences of connection with the forest in one single trip in the Amazon.

São Gabriel da Cachoeira Immersion

Amazon Ecosystems

Luxury & comfort

Be Remote in 2023. Intimate and perfectly private, reconnect away from routine, immersed remote in the first pop-up mobile glamping tents in Amazon Rainforest. An exclusive dream offered only through Amazon Emotions and Amazon Explorers, this experience combine a flavor of the Amazonian traditional way of life with the comfort of luxury accommodation and our commitment to sustainability. Our remote rainforest camps are equipped with exquisite and inviting interiors, including private bathrooms equipped with showers.

Perfectly Private


Amazon Glamping

Authentic Experience

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