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Unlock the Amazon: Your Complete Guide to Our Amazonian Services

 From daily tours in Manaus to nights in the jungle, we explore the various biomes of the region, fostering authentic interactions with local communities. With a versatile reception department, we cater to everyone, from small groups to solo travelers seeking personalized adventures. Our extensive experience and solid partnerships ensure your journey is unforgettable. Join us to create unforgettable memories in the Amazon

Our services in manaus

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Amazon Explorers - Tourism pioneers

Since 1965 present in the Manaus tourism market, we seek to bring the wow-factor to our clients through carefully thought costume made tours, emissive services (issuing of national or international airline tickets), travel insurance sales, hiring specialized local tour guides, pick-up/drop-off transfer services, full packages including overnight stay, transfer and tours, international cruises, incentive traveling in Brazil and abroad.

Customized Services for Tour Operators in Amazônia and Manaus

We recognize the importance of meeting the specific needs of tour operators, both in the national and international markets. We are delighted to offer personalized services to ensure that each group of travelers enjoys a unique experience in the Amazon.

Here are some of the services we provide to tailor your trip:

Transfers In & Out: We offer a variety of transportation options, including executive cars, vans, minibusses, and buses to meet your group's needs.

River Tours: Explore the wonders of the Amazon on regional boats and speedboats, providing an authentic experience.

City Tour: Discover the city of Manaus with our panoramic City Tour and learn about its rich history and culture.

Scientific Tour: Visit the Museum of the Amazon (Musa) and the National Institute of Amazonian Research (Inpa) on an educational and inspiring tour.

Day Tours: Choose from our Day Tours, such as the 12-hour Mini Safari or the 6-hour Amazon Experience, to explore the Amazon in detail.

Visit Riverside Communities: Connect with local culture on a visit to a riverside community and enjoy an enriching cultural immersion.

Overnight in the Forest: Ideal for small groups, our overnight in the forest option is perfect for ecotourism, education, and adventure activities.

We are dedicated to serving international tour operators, and you can contact our department responsible via email:

We hope that these services contribute to making your group's experience in the Amazon unforgettable.

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