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Non-Stop Flights from the US will return to the Amazon in December 2022.

Amazonas - new direct flight from the United States connecting Manaus to Miami

Non-Stop Flights from the US will return to the Amazon in December 2022. 

Manaus is popular for being the gateway into the heart of the mighty Amazon Rainforest. Between March and April 2020, the number of international flights in the Brazilian Amazon fell by approximately 90%, with many airlines suspending flights altogether. However, after a little more than three months with virtually no trips from Manaus to abroad, foreign and national airlines are already beginning to draw the resumption of operations in the region. 

See below the companies that have already confirmed the return of activities:


The return is scheduled for December 17, held two times per week (Wednesday and Saturdays) operating from Miami to Manaus with duration of 5h55.


The flight Fort Lauderdale – Manaus City will resume on December 15. One-way flights to Manaus are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays taking off at 10:40pm and arriving at 5:00 am. The return flights will be carried out on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tourism experiences resumption after pandemic is showing signs of fast recovery, and the five most booked Amazonian destinations by international tourists, according to Amazonastur, based on a survey by the site, during the month of July were: Manaus, Presidente Figueiredo, Anavilhanas Arquipelago, Jaú National Park and Barcelos.

Tour operators and travel agencies are making strategic partnerships to optimize services and offer new Amazon experiences

Few tour operators and travel agencies are making strategic partnerships to optimize services and offer new Amazon experiences based on ethics, quality, and sustainability, where each trip to the rainforest is designed with the intent of mutual benefit for the guests, communities, and environment.

Eury Barros, owner of Amazon Explorers, a Manaus-based tour operator company since 1965 says, “Today, things are really different, and we need to create alliances to approach the real expectation of travelers coming to the Amazon”

Following this direction, Barros with 35 years experience in tourism industry in Manaus joined efforts in 2022 with Amazon Emotions, a destination management company specialized in the rainforest, owning the Amazon Emotions Lodge, the Amazon Glamping, knowed to operate unique itineraries in iconic places as Pico da Neblina –Brazil’s highest peak– and scenic destinations for travel agencies and tour operators in Brazil and abroad. 

It is possible to go for a cruise on the river and enjoy a highland experiences in the rainforest year-round, to taste activities as river dolphins spotting, visit indigenous communities, jungle trekking, canoeing, fishing, visit waterfalls, rainforest to table journey, birdwatching, among others, but the options change markedly by season.

Comunidade Tatuyo - Foto - Vanessa Mariño

The rainy season runs from December to May. In the rainy seasons, rivers are full and the boats are up closer to the canopy where it is easier to see the different wildlife in the jungle. The dry season (June to November) has lower water levels that reveal different types of beaches, sandbars and is also better for fishing. 

Amazon Explorers has a sector exclusively focused on the Amazon destination, the scenario of  daily inspirations for the design of Amazon experiences, including daily tours in the city of Manaus and surroundings, and overnight stays in the forest with routes through the wetland and high-land biomes, working to conserve the culture, history, and environment/natural resources and the local communities, the true hosts of the rainforest. The Amazon tour operator has a wide receptive department with a passionate team of local experts highly trained, dedicated to designing tailor made experiences for small groups, families, couples or solo travelers, looking for adventures in the middle of nature or in the city, working closely with the best local suppliers.

The expeditions can be booked on a private basis on journeys focused on immersive experiences over longer stays. Independent travelers can join small groups on regular tours, immersive . 

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