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Amazon Glamping

Get ready for a custom-planned rainforest adventure

Intimate and perfectly private, reconnect away from routine, immersed in the first glamping tents in Amazon Rainforest

Experience ultimate luxury in our fully-equipped tents, boasting a spacious 20m² (210 ft²) floor space with a diameter of 5 meters (16ft 5in). Our Deluxe tents are impregnated with water, mold, and UV resistance, ensuring exceptional breathability. The heavy-duty groundsheet is waterproof and features rip-stop technology. The bathtub-style floor rises 10cm (4in) up the side walls and attaches to the tent with a zipper for roll-up side walls. Even the ropes, stakes, and poles are reinforced for maximum durability. Our exclusive no-see-um mesh for the walls provides 360° ventilation and bug protection. Relax in our Deluxe tents, featuring a comfortable king bed or up to 5 single beds with soft bed linen. Each tent includes an outdoor bathroom with biodegradable amenities, floor fan, reading lamps, and elegant handmade furniture, embodying a minimalist fashion decoration for a happier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Amazon Emotions Commitment


We believe that responsible travel must be beneficial to everyone involved; the travelers, the local service providers, the host communities, and the natural environment where it takes place. When local people benefit from tourism and participate in its value chain, they become committed; and local commitment helps maintain the cultural experiences truly authentic and helps protect the natural landscapes.



At Amazon Glamping camps, we offer a range of activities that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of the Brazilian Amazon. From hiking in dryland forests to guided wildlife tours, birdwatching, and bioluminescent mushroom observation, our guests can explore the natural wonders of the rainforest. We also offer opportunities to contribute to the BioBlitz conservation program, hammock camping in the woods, indigenous handcraft workshops, and rainforest-to-table culinary experiences. Guests can also relax and lounge in the stream, and go on nocturnal sightseeing and wildlife spotting tours.

the experience

Operating all year round, the semi-fixed camp is for a nature and charm-immersive private experience, a welcoming haven located about a two-hour drive journey from Manaus, just outside the township of Presidente Figueiredo, northern Amazon, within 300 hectares covered by primary and lush rainforest providing a variety of natural habitats. There are 3 canvas tents to host up to 12 guests in the middle of the rainforest settled onto a wooden platform, increasing air circulation and ventilation. Peace, tranquility and the freshest of natural air with the gentle sound of lapping water – nowhere does it better than this spot.

The reserve is divided into geographical areas, each with its own specific function, such as tourism, conservation, research and monitoring, and is managed – through the CENBAM (The Amazonian Biodiversity Studies Centre) – by a team whose members have expertise in different areas, including biology, management and education.

A center for ecotourism, research, and conservation, ideal for both families and small groups, our accommodations are a welcoming and private hideaway in the Amazon. According to the number of days at the fixed camp, a special schedule is designed to experience the Amazon, with safety and comfort.

Some of the activities you may experience while staying at Amazon Glamping – Rainforest Semi-Fixed Camp:

  • Visit to a waterfall
  • Hiking on dry land forest
  • Guided nocturnal wildlife tour
  • Hammock camping in the woods
  • Birdwatching
  • Indigenous handcraft workshop
  • Rainforest-to-table culinary experience
  • Observation of bioluminescent mushrooms
  • Identification of medicinal plants
  • Lounging in the stream

be remote

Glamping experience

Taking the immersive experience of our private Refuge to new heights, Amazon Glamping proudly stands as the pioneering off-the-grid glamping (glamorous camping) destination crafted for unplugging amidst the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

cousine journey

Rainforest to table - a culinary journey through delicious and vibrant Amazonian food. Its incredible biodiversity gives rise to an astonishing variety of fresh and exotic ingredients.


Eco-responsibility is at the heart of Amazon Glamping concept, where our objective is to provide high quality comfort and service whilst having zero impact on the natural environment and wildlife. W


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