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Enjoy an Amazon "adventure" in a luxurious setting, cruising along the Negro and Solimöes rivers. With capacity for 150 passengers (in 72 cabins and suites), the Iberostar "Grand Amazon" is the largest ship specifically built to navigate the Amazon River and its tributaries.

  1. Negro River:Monday to Friday
  2. Amazon River:Friday to Monday
  3. Amazon and Negro River:Monday to Monday|Friday to Friday

Facilities include 2 swimming pools, Jacuzzi, lounges, fitness room, beauty salon and two restaurants, serving Brazilian and International cuisine. Your extraordinary adventure begins in the Brazilian city of Manaus.

The Iberostar "Grand Amazon" stops at various spots in the Amazon Rainforest, offering trips on small boats for guests who want to explore the jungle's dense, untouched vegetation. 

From the moment you step on board, you will experience Iberostar Grand Amazon's commitment to making your cruise a 'perfect one.' From the grand design of our ship to the breathtaking ambiance on board; classy and upscale bars and restaurants, great entertainment, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, shopping and lots more. This luxury cruise down the Amazon River lets you explore greater depths of the unspoiled wilderness, spot unusual wildlife, and slip through jungle waterways with small getaways by boat at various spots.

Come experience the sirens of the Amazon, sultry nights and panoramas created by Nature in her finest hour, while you luxuriate in the comfort of the Iberostar Grand Amazon.

See the options of package that you can join in the Amazon Rain forest.:

Negro River Itinerary .: 5days/4nights

DAY 1: Monday
Late afternoon embarkation from the port of Manaus. Enjoy the sunset on the Upper Deck followed by the Captain's Welcome Cocktail and Dinner (D)

DAY 2: Tuesday
At sunrise, arrive at Novo Airão. Morning hike through the Igarapés; see the unusual pink dolphins frolicking in the waters at Novo Airão. Then, navigate to Lake Aracari; try your hand at Piranha fishing! Tonight, alligator spotting before we head to the Puduarí River. (B.L.D)

DAY 3: Wednesday
Bird watching at sunrise with your experienced guides. After breakfast, enjoy an excursion to the Puduarí River; continuing to Jacaré Island. After Lunch on board, depart on a Photo Safari to Igarapé Aturiá. At sunset, the boat sets sail to the Cuieiras River. (B.L.D)

DAY 4: Thursday
Sunrise arrival at the Cuieiras River. Today, a fascinating visit to Cambebas to visit the Indian Community and learn how they survive in the Amazon. The ship then sails to Paia Grande  (Anavilhanas Archipell). After lunch, an excursion  through Igarapé del Pato; leisure time at the Praia  Grande beach. Evening: Special Farewell Dinner with a colorful Amazon Folkloric Show. (B.L.D)

DAY 5: Friday
Rise at dawn to see the fascinating "Meeting of the Waters." Then, disembarkation at the port of Manaus. (B)


Amazon River Itinerary - 4days/3nights

DAY 1: Friday
Late afternoon embarkation from the Port of Manaus. Watch the sunset from the Upper Deck as you begin the journey on the Amazon. Tonight, Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party followed by Dinner. (D)

DAY 2: Saturday
At sunrise, enter the Rio Manacapuru. Depart on a photo safari in the Manacapuru region through Igarapes and Igapos, continuing to Lake Jacaré. After lunch on board, try your hand at Piranha fishing or bird watching at Lake Rei. Tonight, after dinner, time for Alligator spotting. (B.L.D)

DAY 3: Sunday
Morning arrival in Janauacá. After breakfast, bird watching and jungle tail hiking. Continue to Igarapé do Rei for a boat excursion though the Igarapes.  Evening: Special Farewell Diner. (B.L.D)

DAY 4: Monday
Arise early to see the fascinating phenomena of the "Meeting of the Waters" at sunrise. Then, disembarkation at the port of Manaus. (B)

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